Monday, July 15, 2013

Different types of players

I wanted to talk a little about the different types of players.

First are your groups. Sometimes plays with walk on and sometimes private. Players are almost always renting. Lately we see people that have played many years ago and now thinking of this type of event because they remember how fun it was. people choose to do these for Bday, work, bachelor, church, and many other types of outings. This group are fun groups because they came to have a good time, win or loose, we will give that to them. This group will usually stay 2-3 hours.

Walk on play. This group can be difficult. We are open to the general public. Players from competing fields, and tournament type players can be mixed with new player that are renting. If we had enough player all the time to separate these types of players that would be idea, but unrealistic. Also just because a player looks the part does not mean he is good and should not be able to mix with walk ons. Some good high end players enjoy playing slower and just having fun can dial it back.This group will usually stay 3-5 hours.

Scenario. Players will play our big games. Want to play in the woods more and like a slower tactical pace usually. Some newer styles have recently got more popular, like ,mag fed. Some have went old school with AGD Mags and pump. This group will stay sometimes all day.

Tournament players. They are some of the most demanding players. However they make some of the most fun to watch games. These players like to play of Airball most of the time. They will travel farther than most other groups for good competition. This group can be difficult because they are very competitive and only one can win when it comes game day. This group will stay about 3 hours for practice and most of the day for a tournament.

So really we want all of them. Finding a balance can be difficult and when one group is not happy sometimes you want to do less of that group. Soem players have a difficult time figuring out what group they are mainly and this become a problem when a player that should be a tournament player wants to play hard with walk ons. We will continue to try to find that delicate balance.