Thursday, July 3, 2014

Our thoughts on guns and equipments

Well, everyone has their opinion on what is best and I will give you mine.

First. The focus of any equipment I try to get people to buy is focused on keeping them playing. LEts face it, if your stuff doesn't work then does it matter how good it shoots or how cool it looks. Tippmann is the best company for this. With most of their equipment being made in the USA the quality control is great. They also have good service on the other side if you have an issue.

Second. Despite what people think, I don't want you spending all your hard earned money on a new gun. If you don't have money left to play, what is the point. I'll ask someone "where have you been?" And they say " bought a new gun a month ago and had no money left to play" And I'm thinking to myself I played with a rental last week.

Third. Spend money on the right stuff. #1 a good mask. #2 pack and pods if you like to shoot lots of paint. #3 a good barrel if you are going to buy a gun in the future that also will work on a rental. #4 Save a get gun, hopper, and tank at the same time.

Paintball has reused the same ideas on many pieces of equipment. For example when ramping came out everyone thought it was a new idea. About 7-8 years before that the Shocker 4x4 had almost the same thing. New low end guns come in new colors and new names with low quality and higher price tags.

Buy local. This helps in many ways. It helps keep fields open because they make money. And because most fileds are about keeping you playing and don't want to sell you equipment that has you sitting on the sidelines they will lead you the right direction. Nothing is worse than "I just bough this on the internet and it does not work". 

Watch out on used equipment. Some are good deals and some are waiting to be someone elses problem. Many older guns are hard to find parts for or the are mpore than the gun is worth. Also pricing can be way off. A $1000-$1500 setup that is 8 years old is probably worth $150-$200 and tanks maybe be no good at all. And people that are out of it for a while will not realize the and keep telling you how much they paid for eveything.

Good luck and just keep playing paintball.


Monday, July 15, 2013

Different types of players

I wanted to talk a little about the different types of players.

First are your groups. Sometimes plays with walk on and sometimes private. Players are almost always renting. Lately we see people that have played many years ago and now thinking of this type of event because they remember how fun it was. people choose to do these for Bday, work, bachelor, church, and many other types of outings. This group are fun groups because they came to have a good time, win or loose, we will give that to them. This group will usually stay 2-3 hours.

Walk on play. This group can be difficult. We are open to the general public. Players from competing fields, and tournament type players can be mixed with new player that are renting. If we had enough player all the time to separate these types of players that would be idea, but unrealistic. Also just because a player looks the part does not mean he is good and should not be able to mix with walk ons. Some good high end players enjoy playing slower and just having fun can dial it back.This group will usually stay 3-5 hours.

Scenario. Players will play our big games. Want to play in the woods more and like a slower tactical pace usually. Some newer styles have recently got more popular, like ,mag fed. Some have went old school with AGD Mags and pump. This group will stay sometimes all day.

Tournament players. They are some of the most demanding players. However they make some of the most fun to watch games. These players like to play of Airball most of the time. They will travel farther than most other groups for good competition. This group can be difficult because they are very competitive and only one can win when it comes game day. This group will stay about 3 hours for practice and most of the day for a tournament.

So really we want all of them. Finding a balance can be difficult and when one group is not happy sometimes you want to do less of that group. Soem players have a difficult time figuring out what group they are mainly and this become a problem when a player that should be a tournament player wants to play hard with walk ons. We will continue to try to find that delicate balance.


Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little about us

In 2002 Doug & Jessica DeBack decided they wanted to start up a business. I, Doug, was a manager at American TV and enjoyed managing employees, but did not like other things out of my control. Jessica was an accountant, so we have someone to do the books. So, we started brain storming. Ideas including LAN Gaming center, lawn services, and others. Thank goodness we did not do a LAN gaming center with high speed coming out in every home shortly after. Then came the idea from a friend for paintball. He played once another place and said this was going to get big. Lots of research later and meetings with the Mukwonago board it became reality.

We instantly had customers without doing anything but telling a few kids. Friday nights were our big nights and middle and high school kids packed our small field. So we added 2 indoor and another outdoor the first year.

A few years in the fad died and the die hards that stayed with it became tournament players playing competitive paintball and we got a home team going. Tournaments went strong for several years.

Then parties got huge. People started realizing this was great for almost any event. We were doing some parties, but then we started doing 10-20 a week. With some as large as 80 people. Parties have been one of our main focuses for the last few years. They take advantage of your equipment most times and have a blast and all they want to do is talk about how fun it was.

There is so many more details to this business then we would have guessed and we look forward to the next changes that come with it. All we want is for every person that steps out on our playing field to have fun.

Doug DeBack Jr
Siege Paintball