Thursday, June 13, 2013

A little about us

In 2002 Doug & Jessica DeBack decided they wanted to start up a business. I, Doug, was a manager at American TV and enjoyed managing employees, but did not like other things out of my control. Jessica was an accountant, so we have someone to do the books. So, we started brain storming. Ideas including LAN Gaming center, lawn services, and others. Thank goodness we did not do a LAN gaming center with high speed coming out in every home shortly after. Then came the idea from a friend for paintball. He played once another place and said this was going to get big. Lots of research later and meetings with the Mukwonago board it became reality.

We instantly had customers without doing anything but telling a few kids. Friday nights were our big nights and middle and high school kids packed our small field. So we added 2 indoor and another outdoor the first year.

A few years in the fad died and the die hards that stayed with it became tournament players playing competitive paintball and we got a home team going. Tournaments went strong for several years.

Then parties got huge. People started realizing this was great for almost any event. We were doing some parties, but then we started doing 10-20 a week. With some as large as 80 people. Parties have been one of our main focuses for the last few years. They take advantage of your equipment most times and have a blast and all they want to do is talk about how fun it was.

There is so many more details to this business then we would have guessed and we look forward to the next changes that come with it. All we want is for every person that steps out on our playing field to have fun.

Doug DeBack Jr
Siege Paintball